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 Work and Invest from Home – Even While You Sleep

Featuring select business and investment opportunities that our community of Crypto companies, professionals and investors can utilize to identify and profit from while working from your home or office.

The Crypto-Prenuer program is always seeking viable and qualified investment and business opportunities from like minded individuals and companies in the emerging Crypto sector that are interested in exploring new opportunities and ideas and especially taking their portfolios and Crypto enterprises to the next level - including existing Shell Corps, IPO’s, Mergers, Acquisitions, Funding and Financial Resources, Crypto Mining & Hosting programs as well as Strategic Alliances that benefit everyone involved. 

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The Crypto-Preneur Model:Unlimited Potential

Crypto Minute TV is able to provide select Crypto sector enterprises and opportunities with literally “unlimited” exposure to a global Crypto audience numbering in the hundreds of millions – therefore – providing “unlimited” growth and resource potential for those companies – therefore – providing “unlimited” investment and income potential for our Crypto investor and work-from-home community by connecting those select companies, opportunities, resources, and investments with those seeking them.


The Crypto-Prenuer Mission:TEAM

The Crypto-prenuer mission is to create a multi level Crypto community working, investing and profiting together.

T.E.A.M.- Together Each Achieves More

Through our extensive network of Crypto sector affiliations, investment opportunities and resources Crypto Minute TV and our partners are committed to continually providing those interested in joining the global and rapidly emerging Crypto sector a variety of select business and investing opportunities tailored for today’s Crypto-Preneurs – even from their individual homes and businesses.


The Crypto-Prenuer Advantage: You!

Stay Connected with our Crypto Community – Resources, Opportunities and Information

The Crypto Minute TV website features select companies, resources and opportunities in the emerging global Crypto sector that are taking their enterprise to the next level and beyond by utilizing the power and effectiveness of strategic alliances and partnerships and especially, “As Seen on TV” to Crypto sector audiences around the world. There’s nothing like the power of TV and now you will be among the first to know which companies and investment opportunities are about to put that power to work for them...and you!

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Investment Opportunities:

New Public Offerings and public companies in the emerging Crypto and affiliated sectors are constantly becoming available. Some are already well established but many are ground-floor investment opportunities and possibly a consideration for adding to your portfolio. We regularly work and communicate with many of them (with more all the time) regarding our various Multi-Media and Business Development services. Through Crypto Minute TV and the Crypto-Prenuer program you will be among the first to know which Crypto enterprises and investment opportunities are about to take their company and investment opportunity to the next level with the power of a global television and radio audience – ground-floor opportunities don’t always stay on the “ground-floor”.


Public Offerings:

Established and Start-Up publicly traded companies and IPO’s (Initial Public Offerings) listed on US & International Exchanges. 

Let us help you identify or establish viable options for Crypto sector companies to gain exposure, market share and raise capital by going public. Taking your enterprise public may not be as difficult or costly as you might think. Crypto Minute TV has several options for interested companies to consider. Contact Us for Details


Crypto Mining, Hosting and Management Opportunities:

We can provide several opportunities for those interested in the Crypto mining sector viable and state-of-the-art Crypto Mining investment opportunities as well as complete miner hosting and management services for individuals and companies interested in Crypto-Mining without the hassle of Do-It-Yourself . Let the experts do it for you. Contact Us for Details


Establish or Purchase Crypto Mining Facilities:

Are you interested in establishing or purchasing your own Crypto Farm / Facility - from start up to large scale? We have facility options in favorable US states and locations available as well as partnership and expertise resources. We also have existing mining and hosting operations seeking investors to expand with. Contact Us for Details


Sales and Marketing Opportunities:

Work from home online earning lucrative commissions selling our exclusive media and marketing programs. We provide Television, Radio and Print Media advertising opportunities for literally any company and sector - not just Crypto. Choose your own sector or niche - training available.  Contact Us for Details


Funding and Financing Resources:

Crypto Minute TV has an extensive network of traditional and private venture, start-up and development capital financial resources specifically seeking qualified investment opportunities in both the public and private Crypto sectors. Contact Us for Details


Strategic Partnerships:

Do you currently have or are looking for qualified and capable alliances to grow or fund Crypto sector enterprises? Crypto-Prenuer specializes in accommodating the goals of Crypto sector enterprises and partnerships and taking them to the next level with an effective Joint Venture Partnership (JVP), Merger, Acquisition, or Start-Up. Crypto Minute TV can provide extensive due diligence and qualified candidates for your consideration as well as a global audience and network of Crypto investors, companies and resources. Contact Us for Details


Are you interested in entering the new and emerging Crypto sector and have an idea or opportunity - or simply want to know how? Then we certainly want to hear from you and would look forward to discussing some options and opportunities. Join the Crypto Revolution Today!

Submit your Crypto-Preneur investment, business opportunity or work-from-home idea.

Contact us for additional services and information.